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VIDEO | Collecting Batteries at School? De Ark Middelburg (Belgium) Primary School Gives Us 5 Tips

Schools can also serve as a collection point for used batteries. Bebat provides the necessary equipment and support, free of charge. We have developed the school programme for that purpose.

Collecting used batteries makes pupils, teachers and parents aware of the importance of recycling. Your school will be awarded 1 point for every kilogram of collected batteries. You can exchange the points for interesting educational materials. Discover the full range on offer at our webshop. You will even find some fun outings and bus trips!

How to go about collecting batteries at school?

We went off to the De Ark 2 free primary school in Middelburg. As a collection point with more than 20 years' experience, they were delighted to share some important tips with us. Why not have a look?

Tip 1 – put the Bebat barrel in a good spot

The cheerful green collection barrels that Bebat brings to your school are best placed in a highly visible spot. That makes collecting batteries easy and there is social control. At De Ark 2 primary school, the barrels are well protected from the rain and wind under a shed on the playground.

Tip 2 – collect them correctly

Not every kind of battery can be collected at school. Only small home-and-garden variety batteries that are smaller than your hand can go in the collection barrels in school. In our educational download centre  (available in Dutch and French) you can find a fun poster that guides you along the way. 

Tip 3 – the Bebat barrel is not a rubbish bin

Children learn to sort rubbish: household waste goes in the rubbish bin, batteries in the green Bebat barrel.

Tip 4 – create good habits

At the De Ark 2 primary school, every Wednesday is battery day. On that day, parents and children can bring in their batteries and throw them in the barrel. A good habit!

Tip 5 – ask for regular Bebat collection

Bebat collects your barrel of used batteries free of charge. At each pick-up, Bebat weighs your batteries and your school earns points. With the points you saved, you can order interesting teaching materials, educational excursions and even bus transport. By requesting collection at regular intervals, the batteries you collect do not stay at your school unnecessarily and you can boost the number of points your school has earned.

Watch the video: 


Does a Bebat collection barrel seem to be right for your school too? Discover all the information here!

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