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About Bebat

For 20 years, Bebat has been giving new life to used batteries by collecting, sorting and recycling them. The metals and valuable components are extracted and reused as raw materials. Of course, all other substances are properly processed. We are an environmental organisation with world-class collection results and we are continuously looking to optimise the recycling process with regard to both quantity and quality.


Bebat is a non-profit association established in 1995 by battery manufacturers in light of a Belgian environmental tax law. Bebat gives new life to all used batteries! We do this by collecting, sorting and recycling them. Our mission is simple and self-explanatory:


How many batteries does Bebat collect every year? What is Bebat’s brand awareness like in Belgium? How many tons of batteries were collected in 2015? We’ve compiled a list for you with all the relevant figures! 

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For additional information and images, please contact marketing@bebat.be

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An overview of our key milestones.

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