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About Bebat

For 20 years, Bebat has been giving new life to used batteries by collecting, sorting and recycling them. The metals and valuable components are extracted and reused as raw materials. Of course, all other substances are properly processed. We are an environmental organisation with world-class collection results and we are continuously looking to optimise the recycling process with regard to both quantity and quality.

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Bebat recycling recyclage proces

The recycling process

Help us collect batteries and hand them in at one of the many collection points near you. Even a single battery can make a difference. Are you curious to find out what happens to your battery once it’s been handed in?

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How many batteries do you have at home?

The average family has 129 batteries in their home — including 17 empty ones. Do you know where to find them? Human interest programme Man Bijt Hond looked into it for us…

Win een elektrische fiets met Bebat


Bebat organises a monthly prize draw with great prizes on offer and that lets you contribute to a better environment thanks to nature conservation organisations Natuurpunt and Natagora. Collect used batteries, write down your contact information on the collection bag and hand it in at one of our Bebat collection points. Who knows, you may even win one of our fantastic prizes! Our prize package is frequently adjusted so keep an eye on this page!

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Villa Pila

Villa Pila is an interactive visitor tour that lets you discover the wonderful world of batteries. In a playful manner, you get to know all about how batteries are recycled. Would you and your classmates also like to pay us a visit? 

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Bebat, your after-care partner for all EV battery types

Hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular. The EV battery market is growing exponentially, resulting in an soaring demand for second-life applications and recycling solutions. Bebat has been specialising in batteries for electric vehicles for several years and is now looking to share the acquired knowledge with car, bus and truck manufacturers and importers.

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