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Below you will find an overview of the current contributions.

Current contributions

Every Bebat member pays an annual flat rate contribution of €60 (VAT excl.). In addition, you are also charged an environmental contribution or an administrative contribution per portable, industrial or automotive battery or accumulator put onto the market. For retroactive declarations, the applicable environmental or administrative contribution is the one that was valid when the battery or the battery-operated device was brought onto the market. 

As of 01/01/2020, Bebat modified its contributions for portable, industrial and automotive batteries.  Click here for the 2020 contributions.






What has changed on January 1, 2020?

  • The environmental contribution for most batteries decreases from € 0.063 (excl. VAT) to € 0.057 (excl. VAT), which entails a further decrease of more than 9%. Since 01/01/2013 Bebat has diminished the environmental contribution with 54%.

  • The environmental contribution for most lithium-ion batteries of electric bicycles will decrease from € 9 (excl. VAT) to € 8.5 (excl. VAT).

  • No changes have been made to the different weight categories for rechargeable lithium batteries. The environmental contribution for each category decreases.

  • It is also important to point out that the administrative contribution for lead batteries > 3 kg will decrease from € 0.063 to € 0.057 (excl. VAT). The administrative contribution for all other batteries and accumulators > 20 kg will decrease from € 1 (excl. VAT) to € 0.057 (excl. VAT). The administrative contribution for all batteries and accumulators is thus aligned.


Transition period

The changes will enter into force on 01/01/2020 for sales between professionals  (manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers). As with any previous rate change, a transition period is again foreseen until 01/04/2020 for sales to consumers. This allows existing stocks to be sold for 3 months to consumers at the contributions of 2019.


Contributions - History

Here you can consult the history of the contributions since the abolition of the "ecotax legislation" on batteries.

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