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Our services

Our services

For schools, manufacturers, collection points: we have something to offer for everyone

How do we work at Bebat?

For over 25 years, Bebat has been giving new life to used batteries by collecting, sorting and recycling them. The metals and valuable components are extracted and reused as raw materials. Of course, all other substances are properly processed. We are an environmental organisation with world-class collection results and - together with you - we are continuously looking to optimise the recycling process with regard to both quantity and quality.

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What we do for collection points

Request a collection? Adjust your contact details?
This is possible on MyBebat, a handy online tool where a simple mouse click lets you check the status of collections, apply for a free collection, manage your locations and request your certificates.
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What we do for manufacturers and importers

As a manufacturer/importer of batteries or battery-operated devices in the Belgian market, you are partly responsible for the collection and processing of these used batteries. There are also other obligations, such as reporting towards the regional authorities. Bebat has set up a collective system so that its participants can comply with the take-back obligation for discarded batteries. If you want to become a participant of Bebat, you can visit our declaration platform: MyBatbase.
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What we do for schools

Visit the House of the Battery! Villa Pila is Bebat's interactive visitor centre that you can discover with your class. In a playful manner, you get to know all about how batteries are recycled. Would you and your classmates also like to pay us a visit? 
Visit Villa Pila

Consult your points total? Place an order? Request collection of your batteries?
Just log on to MyBebat, a handy online tool enabling you to check your points total, adjust your data, request free collection and even exchange your points for items from our online catalogue. 
And there’s more! Our special actions are also announced here, and presently it will be possible to check the status of your collections and download certificates. 
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What we do for electric vehicles

Hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular. The EV battery market is growing exponentially, resulting in a soaring demand for second-life applications and recycling solutions. Bebat has been specialising in batteries for electric vehicles for several years and is now looking to share the acquired knowledge with car, bus and truck manufacturers and importers.
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Next to that, with our Reneos platform, we offer tailor-made solutions for end-of-life EV batteries not only in Belgium but all across Europe.
Discover Reneos

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Our sorting centre Sortbat

Discover our very own sorting center, Sortbat, which is responsible for the sorting, securing, collecting, re-using and dismantling of damaged and non-damaged batteries.
Go to Sortbat

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