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Learning about batteries

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All empty batteries collected by Bebat neatly get sorted and recycled.

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04 Apr 2019

Welcome to Villa Pila: the House of Batteries

At Villa Pila in Tienen, you and your class can learn all about batteries while having fun. You can engage in experiments, observe a sorting machine from close up, and of course discover many things and play games.

08 Nov 2018

Sorting batteries? This is how we do it

All batteries that you bring to a Bebat collection point will be sorted at Sortbat in Tienen. This way, we can recycle them further. Take a look at how the sorting process works...

04 Apr 2019

Are You Always Forgetting to Return Your Used Batteries? With These 4 Tips, You Will Never Forget.

Returning discardedbatteries is something we can easily forget. These clever tips are the ideal mnemonic devices to ensure you never again forget to do so. Read all about them in this blog post.