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Why and how to affiliate with Bebat?

Do I have to become a participant of Bebat?

As a manufacturer or importer it is not easy to fulfil the legal take-back obligation for batteries and accumulators. When you join Bebat we can guarantee you will meet this take-back obligation.

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Brochure take-back obligation

Is your company subject to this legislation? Discover all about the take-back obligation in our practical brochure!





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How do we do this?

  • Bebat collects used batteries through an extensive network of collection points spread across the Belgian territory and also organises their transport.
  • Bebat then makes sure these used batteries are sorted in an optimal manner so they can be recycled and processed to maximum effect. Bebat can conclude agreements with third parties in this regard.
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Apart from these operational tasks, Bebat also performs a host of other duties such as the reporting and information obligations to governments as well as tasks pertaining to prevention, raising awareness, management tasks, financial management, etc.

  • Bebat meets the awareness obligation of its members through radio and TV campaigns and various actions to make consumers aware of the importance of handing in their batteries at one of the collection points and adjusting their purchase behaviour in favour of environment-friendly batteries.
  • Bebat focuses in particular on young people and has established an educational programme for schools in collaboration with Villa Pila
  • And finally, we also fulfil the reporting obligation of our affiliates and take care of the registration with the regional governments. 

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Become a Bebat participant in 3 simple steps:

Bebat uses a fully electronic subscription procedure:

  1. Submit your company data via our participants platform myBatbase 
  2. Through this platform, the signatory executes the Participation Agreement electronically 
  3. You pay an annual administrative membership fee

What do we expect from you as a participant?

  • The timely declaration of the number of batteries sold (or brought onto the Belgian market) 
  • Pay your invoices on time and cooperate with audits to determine the accuracy of the declarations and other obligations
  • In accordance with the legal requirements, the environmental fee must be mentioned on your B2B invoices. This means that the number of batteries subject to the environmental fee must be listed per article. Click here for a sample invoice.
  • Bebat will take care of all other obligations resulting from the take-back obligation.
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When affiliating with Bebat, you must become retroactively compliant with the take-back obligation.

This way, Bebat wishes to avoid the discrimination of those companies who complied with the take-back obligation as from their establishment. 

Importers and manufacturers who didn’t join Bebat from day one must also submit a declaration to Bebat for the batteries or battery-operated devices they have brought onto the market in the past, unless they have already fulfilled their take-back obligation or paid the environmental tax.

This declaration pertains to all batteries brought onto the market up to 3 years prior to the date of affiliation.

Foreign participants

Belgian companies can give a foreign supplier a mandate to fulfil their take-back obligation. This can be interesting for companies that only bring small quantities of batteries or battery-operated devices onto the Belgian market.

Attention! The Belgian manufacturer/importer must fulfil the take-back obligation until the foreign supplier becomes a member of Bebat.

Internet sales / proxy

Foreign companies that sell batteries or battery-operated devices to private citizens are also subject to the take-back obligation and can also become a member of Bebat to meet this obligation.

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What types of batteries are eligible?

Are all batteries subject to the take-back obligation?

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