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Safety at home

Tape off your 9V batteries

Tape off the poles of 9 volts batteries, so short-circuiting with smaller batteries, such as button cells, can be avoided.


Respect the polarity

Always respect the polarity of the batteries when inserting them into a device and use a battery with the correct voltage.

Never open batteries or battery packs yourself

Store all batteries out of sight and reach of young children

Store batteries in a cool and dry place - ideally at room temperature

Regularly return your used batteries to a Bebat collection point

Do not store batteries in pillboxes

Avoid storing small batteries in pillboxes or setting them out with medication. Their shape and size make them easily mistaken for medication.

Children and batteries

When opening a pack which includes multiple button/coin cells, make sure that children cannot access the batteries which remain in the open packs.

What to do when your child has ingested a button/coin cell

  • In the event of battery ingestion, seek immediate medical attention at a hospital emergency room.

  • Do not let your child eat or drink until an X-ray can determine if a battery is present.

  • If you still have the battery packaging or the device containing the battery take this with you to help the doctor identify the battery type and chemistry.

  • For further advice, you can also contact the Belgian anti-poison centre on 070 245 245. For other countries check the number of your national anti-poison centre via this link.

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