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Safe battery collection

Safe battery collection

Discover handy tips and practical guidelines here.

10 tips for safe battery collection

  1. Only use the dedicated Bebat collection units
  2. Avoid overstocking and have Bebat empty your collection unit(s) on a regular basis.
  3. Do not expose the Bebat collection unit to extreme heat or cold. 
  4. Do not expose the Bebat collection unit to moisture (rain, snow, rising moisture).
  5. Place the collection unit in a location with some measure of social control.
  6. Place the collection unit in a well-vented location at an appropriate distance from other waste fractions such as paper, oil, aerosols, ...
  7. Do not mix batteries with other waste such as conductive and combustible materials.
  8. Avoid all contact with rusty and/or leaking batteries (especially with the skin and eyes)! If contact with battery acid does occur: wash your hands thoroughly and rinse with plenty of water.
  9. Avoid short-circuiting large quantities of button cells, loose and/or naked exposed contacts or batteries where the + and – poles are positioned close together e.g. 9V batteries. Tape them over or make sure they are properly separated.
  10. In case of calamity (smoke, odour nuisance, heat...) cover the batteries with a lid and/or dry sand. Never use water! Contact Bebat as soon as possible by calling the special incident number 0800 97 523.

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