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Take-back obligation for end sellers of batteries

Take-back obligation for end sellers of batteries

What is the take-back obligation?

Discarded batteries and accumulators, whether sold individually or built-in in a device, are subject to the take-back obligation. This obligation stipulates that the end seller, the middleman and the manufacturer/importer are responsible for the collection and processing of used batteries and accumulators. They are under a legal obligation to take back the product discarded by the customer.

How can the seller meet the take-back obligation?

When selling batteries you are also under a legal obligation to take-back used batteries for recycling purposes, without any purchase obligation.There are two ways of meeting this obligation:

  1. You can organise your own battery collection system. This means you are responsible for the proper collection, the recycling process and reporting to the competent authorities. You are also responsible for prevention and communication and must ensure compliance with all relevant statutory regulations.
  2. Or you can become a Bebat collection point, free of charge. In this case Bebat becomes responsible for meeting your take-back obligation. We collect your batteries free of charge and make sure the used batteries and accumulators are recycled correctly.

Are you not only a seller of batteries but also an importer or manufacturer who brings batteries onto the Belgian market? Then you must also meet the take-back obligation for manufacturers. Go to the manufacturers menu for full details.

Discover a useful overview in our infographic

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