All you need to know about batteries

E-mobility: (Much) More Than Electric Cars

From electric trucks to e-scooters and e-yachts: e-mobility is much more than just electric cars. That also means that there are a lot of EV batteries reaching their end-of-life. Bebat has published a report about this.

05 Aug 2019

How did Belgium – the battery collection champion – do in 2018?

Bebat's 2018 Annual Report shows that Belgians have once again lived up to their reputation as battery collection champions. A few impressive facts & figures at a glance.

04 Jan 2021

A meeting with Monique, an enthusiastic Field Promoter

Are you interested in discovering the exciting work of a staff member in charge of Bebat collection points? Meet Monique, Field Promoter for Liège and Luxembourg.

04 Apr 2019

Environmental Contribution, Take-Back Obligation and Environmental Permits? This Is What You Need to Know If You Start a Webshop.

From environmental contributions to environmental permits: what you need to know if you launch a webshop.

04 Apr 2019

What Types of Batteries Are There?

Batteries come in a wide range of sizes and compositions. In this blog post we will tell you all about the various types of batteries.

04 Apr 2019

Fact or Fiction: Batteries Must Be Removed From Your Discarded Device Before You Return It

Should I always remove the batteries from my discarded devices before dropping them off? Or better not? Here you can find the advice you are looking for!

04 Apr 2019

VIDEO | Collecting Batteries at School? De Ark Middelburg (Belgium) Primary School Gives Us 5 Tips

Schools can also serve as a collection point for used batteries. Bebat provides the necessary equipment and support, free of charge. We have developed the school programme for that purpose.

04 Apr 2019

Button Cell Batteries Must Be Stuck to the Adhesive Tape When You Return Them. Fact or Fiction?

Find out what happens if you collect small batteries in this way.

04 Apr 2019

Fact or Fiction: Leaving Your Smartphone Charger Plugged in Uses a Lot of Energy

Does your smartphone charger use energy when it is left plugged in? How much? And what does it cost? Find out here!

04 Apr 2019

From Socks to Satellites: Did You Know That They All Have Batteries?

Nowadays you will find batteries in devices and objects where you would not necessarily expect them. On a treasure hunt...