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All you need to know about batteries

Everything you need to know about the simplified Bebat declaration

By 28 February 2020, everyone who brought up to 10,000 batteries or battery-operated products to market in Belgium in 2019 must file a declaration with Bebat.

Legal environmental obligations in Belgium

29 July 2020

As a Belgium-based company you have to fulfil various legal obligations relating to the environment, waste management and recycling. Find out about the situation in the Flemish region, the Walloon region and the Brussels Capital Region.


2020: Final payment deadlines – Bebat

25 June 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Bebat granted its participants an extension for submitting declarations and making payments. The final payment deadlines for this exceptional scheme are available here.

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Found All the Batteries in Your Kitchen?

18 May 2020

In the kitchen you’ll find relatively few battery-powered devices – but some do still run on batteries! Find out which ones in this blog post. Plus safety tips.


Better and Safer Batteries: Five Recent Milestones

18 May 2020

Research into better batteries is really gaining momentum. Safer, cleaner, more compact and more efficient are all keywords for researchers. Five innovative milestones in 2019.

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Five Original Day Trips with Electric Vehicles

16 April 2020

We Belgians love a good day out: trying a new activity, visiting a museum, exploring a city, etc. Did you know that there are some very original ways of exploring a region or a city with a difference? We put together five great ideas for outings with original electric vehicles. Discover them all!


What are the most popular electric vehicles in Belgium?

07 April 2020

What are the most common types of electric vehicles on the Belgian market this year? And which are the most popular? Find out here!

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Spring cleaning? Let these battery-powered devices do all the hard work!

07 April 2020

Looking for an easier way to do your spring cleaning? These battery-powered devices are here to help!

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Charging your mobile phone, tablet and laptop properly? Here’s how to extend the lifespan of the battery

01 April 2020

Charging your mobile phone, tablet and laptop properly? This is how to get the most out of your batteries!

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My child has swallowed a battery: What should I do?

01 April 2020

Has your child swallowed a battery? In most cases, the consequences will be relatively minor. But you still need to check a few important things. Read more about it here.