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All you need to know about batteries

E-mobility: (Much) More Than Electric Cars

From electric trucks to e-scooters and e-yachts: e-mobility is much more than just electric cars. That also means that there are a lot of EV batteries reaching their end-of-life. Bebat has published a report about this.

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Welcome to Villa Pila: the House of Batteries

04 April 2019

At Villa Pila in Tienen, you and your class can learn all about batteries while having fun. You can engage in experiments, observe a sorting machine from close up, and of course discover many things and play games.

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Electric scooters: Everything You Need to Know about the Battery

30 September 2019

An electric scooter consumes little power and makes hardly any noise. But how do you take care of the battery? And what if it’s defective? Read on to find out.

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How Long Will the Battery of an Electric Car Last?

30 August 2019

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. But do you know how long the battery of an electric car will last? Read all about it in this blog post.


Charging your smartphone in the car: do’s and don’ts

30 August 2019

It’s common practice to charge your smartphone in the car. But what should you watch out for? And what should you avoid? Find out in this blog post.


Installing a Charging Station at Home? Here’s What You Need to Know!

23 August 2019

Find out how to charge your electric car using a home charging station, how much it costs and whether the investment is worth it.


E-scooters: this is what you need to know about the battery

21 August 2019

E-scooters are becoming increasingly popular, certainly as a means of transport in the city. But how do you take care of the battery of an electric scooter? And what do you have to do if it goes wrong?


How are EV batteries dismantled safely here?

24 July 2019

How does Bebat ensure that EV batteries are dismantled safely? We asked Geert Allard, operational manager at Sortbat.


This is how Bebat ensures that EV batteries are collected safely

22 July 2019

How does Bebat ensure that EV batteries are safely collected and transported? We asked Katrien Busselot, Logistics & Recycling Manager at Bebat.


OVAM: 'At Bebat, batteries are in good hands.'

18 June 2019

Bebat helps companies that put batteries on the Belgian market with their legal take-back obligation. Read more about Bebat's cooperation with the authorities in Belgium: OVAM.