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All you need to know about batteries

Everything you need to know about the simplified Bebat declaration

By 28 February 2020, everyone who brought up to 10,000 batteries or battery-operated products to market in Belgium in 2019 must file a declaration with Bebat.

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9 tips on how to prevent winter cold from killing your car battery

08 December 2020

Batteries don't like the cold, not even your car battery. How do you make sure your battery stays in top shape in winter?

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Electric car: tips against the winter slump

08 December 2020

The most important part of an electric car and other EVs is the battery. So take extra care of it in winter. Check the tips here.


Urban mining: the city as a source of valuable metals

02 December 2020

Can urban mining secure the future of our raw materials? Discover the answer in this article.

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5 resolutions for a more sustainable 2021

02 December 2020

Around New Year, (nearly) everyone formulates resolutions for the coming year. These five tips will help you on your way to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly 2021.

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A 100% Belgian manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles relies on Bebat

02 December 2020

When the battery of an Addax commercial vehicle becomes end-of-life, Bebat ensures that it is collected and processed in a safe and compliant manner. A big worry less.

Home batteries, legal obligations and a bright future

01 November 2020

Home batteries offer good prospects for those who bring them onto the Belgian market. With Bebat's tailor-made service regarding the take-back obligation, the future looks really bright.


Take-back obligation batteries > 20 kg: take responsibility now, just like Covico

14 September 2020

Home batteries have a long lifespan. As an importer/installer, why think about the take-back obligation now? To face the future free of worries. Read Covico’s story.


Traction batteries > 20 kg: what if they are defective, damaged or end-of-life?

14 September 2020

Do you fall under the take-back obligation for traction batteries? Then Bebat will be your aftercare partner from collection, transportation and/or recycling, whenever needed. Read more


Aftercare for end-of-life home batteries - Bebat

11 September 2020

Are you a pro In the solar energy and/or home battery business? Then enter into an agreement with Bebat for the collection and recycling of EoL batteries > 20 kg.