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Batteries Are Best Stored in the Fridge. Fact of Fiction?

Batteries Are Best Stored in the Fridge. Fact of Fiction?

The fridge extends the lives of batteries. Fact or fiction?


Sometimes you hear people say that you should store batteries in the fridge so as to extend their life ... But that is not a good idea, and for two simple reasons:

  • Temperature: too low

  • Humidity: too high

Batterij in doosje gooien

Temperature: too low

Batteries like a cool place: between 15 and 17°C. A fridge is therefore strictly speaking too cold for battery storage. Do you have a cool indoor storage space? Then it is best to keep your batteries there. If not, then batteries are best kept at room temperature.

Humidity: too high

Even more important than the temperature is the ambient humidity level. Batteries must be kept dry ... and the fridge is quite damp. A barn or garden shed may also be too damp.

batterijen sensibilisering


So always keep batteries at room temperature and in a dry place!

Discarded batteries? They can of course be brought to a collection point in your neighbourhood

Looking for a collection point?

Looking for a collection point?

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