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Are You Compliant with the Legal Obligation to Take Back Used Batteries?

Does your company import and/or sell batteries or battery-operated devices in Belgium? If so, you must comply with the legal obligation to take back used batteries. Read all about it here!

What is the take-back obligation?

Anyone who imports or manufactures batteries (separately or built-in) and sells/rents or makes them otherwise available in Belgium is considered a manufacturer. This also applies to online sales and any other forms of distance selling to Belgian consumers by non-Belgian companies. So if you run a foreign webshop with Belgian customers, you must also comply. 

Which obligations must you comply with?

There are loads. They include the obligation to:

  • register;
  • declare the numbers of batteries sold;
  • help raise public awareness and take appropriate health and safety measures;
  • set up an effective system for the collection of used batteries. Not only for the batteries you bring to market yourself, but also for used batteries supplied by other manufacturers / importers but handed in to you. In other words: non-customers must also be able to hand in their used batteries;
  • have the collected batteries processed by a recycler that complies with the legislation in the three regions;
  • demonstrate that the recycler achieves the minimum European (and regional) recycling efficiency score;
  • report to the three authorities on the above obligations.

Would you like to test whether your company complies with the take-back obligation? Do this simple test!

take back obligation

Do you plan to organise everything yourself? It’s quite complex!

As a company, your obligations include taking back used batteries. You can organise that in one of two ways:

  • either you do it all yourself, or
  • leave everything to a management body, such as Bebat.

Both options are fully compliant. However, you should not underestimate the consequences of opting to do everything yourself to ensure you are fully compliant.

  • First of all you have to draw up your own take-back obligation plan or health and safety and management plan for the regional authorities: OVAM for the Flemish Region, Leefmilieu Brussel/Bruxelles Environnement for the Brussels Capital Region and the DSD for the Walloon Region.
  • You subsequently have to comply with all the obligations listed above.

That is an enormous administrative and logistic puzzle that most companies prefer to steer clear of.


Over 3,300 companies are compliant thanks to Bebat. 

Leave your take-back obligation to Bebat

Joining Bebat would enable you to invest your valuable time and energy in your business.

Let Bebat help you comply with your legal obligations regarding batteries. Bebat, the collective management body set up by the battery industry, is the ideal partner for this.

  • Did you know that over 3,300 companies have already joined Bebat? Use this tool to browse our member list.

We look after the practical implementation of the take-back obligation for you.

We pick up used batteries free of charge*, ensure that they are properly recycled and that all other legal obligations are met. All you need to do is tell us how many and which types of batteries you brought to the Belgian market.

How can your company join? Take a look here.

* Free pick up only applies for batteries subject to an environmental contribution: all batteries ≤ 20 kg (lead batteries ≤ 3 kg). Bebat provides a customised solution for batteries > 20 kg (lead batteries > 3 kg) subject to an administrative contribution.

take back obligation

What if you are not compliant?

The take-back obligation is a legal obligation. So it is highly recommended that companies ensure they are compliant at all times. To avoid unpleasant surprises, sanctions or potentially even fines.

Not sure whether you're compliant?

Would you like to know whether you comply with the legislation on the collection and recycling of waste batteries? No problem: do this test and you'll know for sure within a few minutes - and find the solution that suits you best.

Is your company compliant?

Take the great battery test: check whether your company follows all the rules.

Take the test  

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