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This is how Bebat helps ever more companies with the legal take-back obligation

This is how Bebat helps ever more companies with the legal take-back obligation

You don’t lie awake because of your take-back obligation? That's because you're a member of Bebat, and thus meet all of your legal obligations in this regard.

Is your competitor not registered with Bebat? Then there are two possibilities.

Either they decided to handle the complex administration themselves by submitting an individual plan to the regional authorities. (Mind you, that chance is small.)

Or they are a so-called freerider: a company that fails to comply with its legal take-back obligation, with all the consequences this entails for people and the environment.

Bebat's mission is to actively track down freeriders and convince them to put their affairs in order. It's only fair that all companies that place batteries on the Belgian market should be responsible for financing the collection system. That way, there is a level playing field for all companies in terms of competition.

Find out in a moment what actions Bebat is taking to put an end to the 'free ride' of producers and importers of (products with) batteries, in different sectors. Bebat helps ever more companies with their legal take-back obligation, that much is certain.

From freerider to Bebat participant

With more and more rechargeable electrical appliances and electric vehicles being put onto the market, the demand for batteries is rising. And thus so is the number of companies that put (products with) batteries on the Belgian market. This brings new challenges.

Are these new producers/importers aware of their take-back obligation with respect to batteries? Through various actions, Bebat searches for companies that are not yet fulfilling their take-back obligation to recruit them as Bebat participants.

Dear freerider

Looking for freeriders can be taken literally at Bebat.

We are constantly scouring the Internet, Trends Top, the press, trade fairs, audit reports, etc. In short, wherever newcomers to the Belgian market can be spotted. Bebat then contacts those companies. Perhaps they are not aware of the take-back obligation with regard to batteries or they have no idea where to turn to with their questions?

In this message, we explain - in a friendly and accessible way - what the legal obligations are and how they can be met.


No answer? Then we send three more reminders, the last of which in the form of a registered letter.

Did you know that... in 2020 we wrote to no fewer than 2,389 companies?

The result of this approach is significant.

  • 72% of 552 new participants have registered with Bebat through this channel.
  • Over the past 10 years, the number of registrations has almost tripled. In 2011, Bebat had 1,300 participants, in 2020 it had 3,674.

This proves that targeted communication can go a long way!

Grafiek aangesloten bedrijven

Awareness-raising via social media

We also use social media to make companies aware of their take-back obligation and other responsibilities. With paid campaigns and organic posts on LinkedIn, we lead as many business managers as possible to the Bebat website. There, they will find all the information. Are they not sure whether they are subject to the take-back obligation? Then they can do an online test.

We are convinced that, with clear information on the right platforms, we can already solve a large part of the freerider problem.

Participants in Belgium vs. other countries

Our neighbouring countries also have their own ‘Bebat’. In the Netherlands, it's Stibat; in Germany, GRS Batterien; and, in France, there are two different organisations: Corepile and Screlec.

How is Belgium doing compared to those other countries? Very well, if you look at the results on this chart! In 2019, we counted as many as 3,297 participants in our country who are compliant with the take-back obligation, in 2020: 3,674. This places us at the top of the league in proportion to the number of inhabitants, compared to neighbouring countries.

Bebat tabel blogpost

Will you lend a hand?

Do you know of any companies that are not yet compliant? Feel free to refer them to us.

With the right information and guidance, we can turn freeriders into Bebat participants in no time.

And then, together, we can look forward to a sustainable future for battery collection and recycling!

Is your company compliant?

Is your company compliant?

Take the great battery test: check whether your company follows all the rules.

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