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Recyling together,
better for nature

Bebat and corona

Bebat follows the government guidelines concerning the corona-crisis closely.  Our first priority is the health of everyone.

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In the spotlight

Stock batteries safely at home

31 March 2020

What is the best way to store batteries safely at home and what can you do if something goes wrong? In this blog you will find some tips and solutions that answer these questions.

Declaring Batteries? This Is Changing from 2020 onwards.

29 November 2019

Good news for Bebat participants: as of 1 January 2020, the environmental and administrative contributions for all battery types are coming down. Find out more here.

Smoke detectors: here’s what you need to know about the batteries

24 January 2020

Most smoke detectors, which are compulsory throughout the whole of Belgium, are battery-powered. But what kind of batteries do you need? How do you replace them? And how can you give them a second life? Find out here!

Why does Bebat collect batteries?

Why does Bebat collect batteries?

Together with you, Bebat wants to give all used batteries a new life. By collecting batteries smartly and helping schools and firms collect, but there is also so much more. Discover it here!

How many batteries are in your house?

On average, a family has 131 batteries in their house, of which 26 are empty. They can mostly be find in the storage room, the garage, the living room or the office. Go search for them, store them in a Bebat collection box from now on and make it a habit to regularly bring your used batteries to a collection point.

Why do we have to recycle batteries?

Did you know that we can make a spectacle frame out of the raw materials of 13 batteries? And a watering can out of 120? Bebat gives a new life to every battery by extracting all metals and other raw materials and re-using them in other applications.

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25 years

For 25 years, Bebat has been giving new life to used batteries by collecting, sorting and recycling them. We are an environmental organisation with world-class collection results and we are continuously looking to optimise the recycling process with regard to both quantity and quality.


At Bebat, we collect, sort and recycle batteries...

For each battery family, this happens according to a specific process, in which all metals and other components are extracted and can be re-used as raw materials.

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... and we are really good at it!

Belgium performs better than the European goal of 45% in 2016. Belgium is obviously the frontrunner in Europe, as well as the rest of the world.

Bebat in numbers


We work closely together with our partners

As manufacturer or importer of batteries, it is not simple to comply with the legal take-back obligation for used batteries and battery packs. When you affiliate with Bebat, we make sure that you comply with this take-back obligation.

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We teach kids about batteries

Villa Pila is an interactive visitor tour that lets you discover the wonderful world of batteries. In a playful manner, you get to know all about how batteries are recycled. Would you and your classmates also like to pay us a visit? 

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