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Want to Become a Bebat Collection Point as a Business? Here’s How to Go About it.

Does your business use a lot of batteries? Then you can volunteer to become a Bebat collection point. Read on to find out how easy it is to do this.

Shops or businesses that sell batteries or products with batteries are obliged by law to take back used batteries. This includes batteries they didn’t sell. Such shops and businesses must become Bebat collection points.

However, even as a business that doesn’t sell batteries, you can voluntarily decide to become a collection point. For example, because you use a lot of batteries as a business. That would mean a quantity of around 50 kilos per year, so that it makes both ecological and economic sense to include you as an extra collection point in our rounds. By doing so, you will send out a signal about your commitment and willingness as a business to ensure that batteries are recycled properly. And that’s something from which we all benefit.

Yes, we want to become a Bebat collection point!

As a Belgian business, you are familiar with your obligation to separate waste into different fractions or categories. That applies to batteries too.

How do you ensure that used batteries end up in the right place?

  • Put out small collection boxes throughout your business premises and take them regularly to a Bebat collection point.
  • Do you use a lot of batteries? Then you can opt to become a Bebat collection point yourself. This is done in four easy steps:

1. You register on MyBebat.
2. We contact you to complete your registration.
3. If necessary, you receive a visit from a field promoter to see which type of collection material is best suited to your situation.
4. We deliver the free collection material.

What is expected of you as a Bebat collection point?

We’re often asked this question: ‘OK, but what exactly do you expect from a Bebat collection point?’

  • Put out the Bebat collection unit in a clearly visible, freely accessible place in your business, take good care of it and check the contents regularly.
  • Is the collection unit 80% filled? Then ask for it to be picked up for free. Bebat will replace the unit within five working days.
  • Keep an eye on things: the less other waste ends up getting mixed with the batteries, the better we can recycle them.
  • Run out of bags? You can order them here for free.
  • Do you have any questions? Contact us!

As a business, you are in any case required to certify that you have handed in batteries properly for recycling. If you become a Bebat collection point, Bebat will ensure that you comply with this legal obligation – meaning less hassle for you.

Good to know: Ten tips for safe battery collection >

Register here as a collection point for free!

Register on our online platform MyBebat and we’ll ensure you can get started as soon as possible!

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