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Give your used batteries a new life

Give your used batteries a new life

Together with you, Bebat wants to give all used batteries a new life by smartly collecting batteries and helping firms and schools collect them, but there is so much more!

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Your battery is empty

An average family has 134 batteries in their house - of which 31 are empty. Bebat gives all these empty batteries a new life. Do you want to know how you can help us do so?

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Handing in your batteries at a Bebat collection point

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Thanks to our 24.000 collection points, we collect more than 300.000 batteries every day. Curious to see if there is one near you?

Find a collection point in your neighbourhood

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Sorting, sorting, sorting

All batteries collected across Belgium end up at Bebat in Tienen. Here they get sorted in 3 steps so they can be recycled in the best way possible:

Manual sorting

The recycling bags are opened up and all items that do not belong in our sorting process (waste, electronics, syringes, light bulbs, ...) are removed.

Mechanical sorting

A vibrating sieve sorts the batteries according to size.

Automatic sorting

The size, weight and magnetic field of a battery help us determine its chemical composition so we can categorize them into different chemical families.


Once sorted by chemical family, all batteries get recycled. For each family, this happens according to a specific process, in which all metals and other components are extracted so they can be re-used as raw materials. Want to know which materials we are able to recover?


A new life

Did you know that we can make a spectacle frame out of the raw materials of 13 batteries? And a watering can out of 120? Bebat gives a new life to every battery by extracting all metals and other raw materials and re-using them in other applications. Zinc and steel for a watering can, tricycle or wheelbarrow. Nickel, carbon, steel, titanium, cobalt, lead and plastic for glasses, an alarm clock or a cooking pot etc.

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