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Do you know all of them?

laptop batterij-foto batterij-pack AA-batterij

The Classics



You probably know me already. You can for example find me in the remote controls of your TV. I can safely be collected at schools.

Button or coin cell

My + and - pole lie very close to each other, thanks to my slim figure, and because of this, I can easily short-circuit in combination with some other batteries. To make sure this doesn't happen, it is wise to stick my on a piece of tape along with my peers.


9 Volts battery

You can recognise me by my excellent poles. I can for example be found in the remote control of tele guided cars or in the remote control of a garage door. Sometimes I dare to short-circuit with a button cell. Don't give me the opportunity to do so, and precautionary tape off my 'antennas'.

Batteries that can safely be collected at school

Battery of a video, audio or photo camera


I gave you a lot of beautiful moments and memories in the past. I played music or captured your best moments. Now that I'm empty, you can collect me at school, so Bebat can give me a new life.

4,5 Volts battery


You can often find me in flashlights or being used for experiments at school. It's best to cover my poles or 'antennes' with a piece of tape to avoid short circuits.

Batteries of an e-cigarette

We exist in a lot of different colours. But careful! We are very powerful. Tape off our poles with a piece of sticky tape before bringing us to school.


Battery pack of a drill

You wil probably be able to find me in the toolbox of your handy dad/mom, because I used to be in a drilling machine. If you find me at home, you can collect me at school.

Laptop battery


I am a laptop battery. If I'm empty, you can collect me at school in small amounts.

Electric fence battery

Do you have a horse or sheep at home? Or are you parents farmers? Then you've probably met me before. I'm an electric fence battery. If you bring me from home, you can collect me at school, but only in very small amounts.


Battery of an alarm system

I used to make sure that thieves wouldn't sneak into the house unnoticed. I'm the battery of an alarm system. Now that I'm empty, you can collect me at school in small amounts.


I'm also a battery! Maybe you used me to charge your mobile phone. You can safely collect me in schools.


Battery block


Sometimes, you can still find me in a flashlight. If you've brought me from home, you can collect me at school. Don't forget to cover my poles with a piece of tape!

Batteries that can be dangerous to collect


Leaking battery

I come in all sizes and shapes. It's best to immediately separate me in a plastic bag before dropping me off in a Bebat collection unit. Avoid me touching your hands and skin.

Tips for leaking batteries

Naked cell and naked pack

We are a naked cell and a naked pack, and as our name suggests, we are not wearing a coat and are in our nude. You can't collect us at school, as we are industrial batteries.


Automotive battery

I am a giant battery that can be found in a car. I certainly don't belong at school. It's best to take me to a recycling park.


Battery from a model-build device

Do you like putting together model planes? I am the battery that ensures that your plane gets enough energy. You may bring me in at school in small amounts. Is my tummy completely round and am I swollen? Then I'm probably damaged and I certainly don't belong in the barrel at school.


Battery pack

You can only collect me at school if I'm fully dressed and my coat isn't damaged. Only bring me from home, and collect me in small amounts at school. Is my coat damaged? Bring me to a recycling park.

Traction battery

You can find me in electric vehicles and vessels such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks or sweepers. You are not allowed to collect me at school and it is best to have a professional collect me.


Battery of an electric bike

I gave you or your parents a lot of nice rides. When I am worn out and no longer charging properly, take me back to the bike dealer or to the container park. I don't belong in the Bebat barrel at school because I am an extra powerful Lithium battery.