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Educational material

Integrate batteries into your curriculum!

Did you know that you can do a lot more with Bebat than just collecting batteries? Aside from our school program, we also offer a lot of educational material. Do you want to emerge your class into the world of batteries, but you don't know how?

Leave your contact details behind and:

  • Discover our 'Volta Junior' magazine, filled with fun activities for first and second year of primary school;
  • Get access to 'Volta', a booklet full of fun little games and experiments for second and third grade of primary school;
  • Receive a useful poster with an overview of all batteries that you can safely collect at school;
  • Get a smart checklist for you students to go on a battery hunt in their house.

Unfortunately, our course materials are currently not available in English. You can however gain access to the material in French by completing the form below.


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