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Even a single battery makes a difference!

Recycling batteries starts at home.  Make it a habit to hand in your used batteries at a collection point at regular intervals. It’s free and you’re doing the environment a huge favour. In addition, you could also take home a cool prize.

Win een elektrische fiets met Bebat


Hand in your empty batteries and you may take home a neat prize. Curious to see what prizes are on offer and whether you are one of our lucky winners?

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Recycle Recycling Recyclage proces process Bebat

What happens to your empty batteries?

All the empty batteries handed in at Bebat are properly sorted and recycled. Curious to find out how it works?

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K3 - win een concert voor je school

Bebat challenges schools!

In May 2016, Bebat challenged all Flemish kindergartens and primary schools to a major school competition! And the stakes were enormous because there was an exclusive concert by K3 up for grabs! 

campaigns Bebat campagnes


A collection campaign near you? Our latest TV ad? Here you will find an overview of all campaigns, past and present.

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aanvaardingsplicht verkoper

Ordering recycling bags

Lots of used batteries lying around but no recycling bags?

Order your recycling bags here!