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Take-back obligation batteries > 20 kg: take responsibility now, just like Covico

How do you make sure that, as an importer/installer of home batteries, you are fully future-proof? You join Bebat to face future responsibilities with regard to the take-back obligation in a stress-free manner. “At least now we have the certainty that the batteries will be properly disposed of.” In this interview Thibault Covemaeker, Head of Sales at Covico, talks about Bebat's tailored services and how you can prepare your company for the future, now.

The West Flemish company Covico is active in many markets. From project development to renovation projects and specialised building techniques to the rental of boilers. Two years ago, a new service was added to the list: the installation of solar panels and home batteries.

Thibault Covemaeker: “We mainly focus on home batteries. If the customer already has a solar installation, we provide the home battery. If the customer has neither, we install both the solar panels and the home battery.”

Long lifespan vs. legal responsibilities

As a manufacturer, importer and - in this case - installer of home batteries, you bear a great responsibility. You are subject to the take-back obligation, whereby you must register, recycle, inform and raise awareness. But you needn’t do these tasks completely on your own. Bebat is ready to support you in many ways!

Thibault Covemaeker: “We knew that, in the long term, we are responsible for processing batteries when their time is up. In the case of home batteries, their lifespan can easily reach 15 years. That’s precisely why we didn’t have an end-of-life plan yet. Bebat then presented us with a framework contract, which states that we’ll be able to make use of the relevant services as soon as we need them.”

Is your company fully compliant with the take-back obligation? Take the test.

Thibault Covemaeker: “At present, we have already installed 150 home batteries. It reassures us that we are ready to face the future now.”

What happens when large batteries > 20 kg are end-of-life?

Read all about your responsibility as a producer or importer of large batteries > 20 kg.

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