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What does Bebat expect of you as a participant?

Do you bring battery-operated products or batteries to market in Belgium? If so, you have to comply with the legal obligation to take back used batteries. And that means extra work. But if you join, Bebat takes over a lot of the things you have to do. What remains for you to do as a Bebat participant? Far less. Let’s have a closer look. 

You join Bebat. Good idea! It saves you a lot of time and energy that you can devote to your business. What’s the most important thing you still have to do as a Bebat participant? Easy: Tell Bebat how many batteries you have brought to the Belgian market. Whether they were sold separately or built-in, as well as batteries supplied with a device, vehicle or bicycle. You can make the declaration quickly and easily on the myBatbase online platform

Not sure whether the take-bake obligation applies to you? Take the battery test and everything will become crystal clear.

Declarations: annual or monthly?

How often do you have to make a declaration to Bebat? That depends on the number of batteries that you have brought to the market. 

  • Fewer than 10,000 batteries per year? If so, an annual simplified declaration is sufficient. 
  • If you exceed 10,000 batteries then you switch to monthly declarations. 

Bebat expects you to make your declaration(s)  on time and accurately. It’s not really difficult. The myBatbase platform is user-friendly. But good preparation is crucial for an easy declaration. So don’t wait until it’s time to make the declaration to look for all the information. 

Declarations: annual or monthly?

How to prepare your declaration(s)

Reading the FAQs carefully is a good place to start. Here you will find the answers to questions about the declaration frequently asked by participants.

Before you can start making the declaration:  

  • create a profile  on myBatbase.
  • make sure you have everything you need to hand: the number of batteries you have sold, with the correct nomenclature number per battery type. 

Tip: Keep an up-to-date record of how many batteries of what type you bring to market throughout the year. Then you can deal with the declaration quickly. Some participants spend just a few minutes per month making their declaration! 

An error-free declaration

Of course, Bebat expects your declaration to be correct. In general, the procedure goes fairly smoothly. But naturally, things go wrong from time to time. These errors come to light mainly when inspections are carried out. 

An overview of frequently made errors is sure to help you do better and carry out the procedure faultlessly.

Efficient cooperation with audit

Once every three years - as required by law - every participant’s declarations will undergo an inspection (or audit). In some cases, this is done online. In other cases, an audit is conducted on site by a specialised team. On the basis of this inspection, you are given customised advice to prevent errors and make correct declarations. 

Thank you in advance for your efficient cooperation, dear Bebat participant!

Paying your contributions

On the basis of your declaration, Bebat calculates the contributions that you have to pay: environmental contributions and administrative contributions. The contributions have fallen again since January 2020.

Bebat uses these funds to ensure that all take-back obligations are fulfilled. And that as many batteries as possible are collected and recycled.

collection point

Do you want to become a Bebat collection point?

Do you have used batteries weighing less than 20 kg (lead ≤3kg)?

If you sell batteries to private individuals in Belgium, you are obliged to take back the used batteries. As a collection point, you accept batteries from everyone, without any obligation to purchase. You can arrange for these batteries to be collected free of charge by Bebat. You will find more information and can register as a collection point here.

Do you have used batteries weighing more than 20 kg (lead >3kg)?

Make an appointment with one of our specialists on or by calling +32 (0)16 76 88 11. Bebat always has a customised solution for you.

What is expected of you as a Bebat collection point?

We’re often asked this question: “OK, but what exactly do you expect from a Bebat collection point?” Well, that can be explained in five steps:

  1. Put out the Bebat collection unit in a clearly visible, freely accessible place in your shop or business.  Take good care of it and check the contents regularly. 
  2. Is the collection unit 80% full? In that case, ask for it to be picked up for free. Bebat will replace the unit within five working days.
  3. Keep an eye on things: the less other waste gets mixed with the batteries, the better we can recycle them.
  4. Run out of bags? You can order them free of charge here.
  5. Any other questions? Don’t hesitate, contact us!


As a business, you are in any case required to certify that you have handed in batteries properly for recycling. If you become a Bebat collection point, Bebat will ensure that you comply with this legal obligation – meaning less hassle for you.

Worth knowing: Ten tips for safe battery collection >

Want to help increase awareness? That would be great!

You can make another valuable (and appreciated) contribution to the success of our mission. 

By voluntarily helping to increase awareness about dealing sustainably and safely with batteries. The more of us that help with this, the greater the effect that we create together!

Do you bring batteries to market? Point out to your customers: 

  • which battery types are suitable for particular applications;
  • how they can prolong the lifespan of their batteries;
  • how to remove batteries safely from devices and store them;
  • how they can  prevent short circuits;
  • where they can take their used batteries: to a Bebat collection point.

Of course, you can decide for yourself how you increase awareness among your customers. But Bebat already has a lot of useful info, tips & tricks to offer you. Over to 

Is your company compliant?

Take the great battery test: check whether your company follows all the rules.

Take the test  

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