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Button Cell Batteries Must Be Stuck to the Adhesive Tape When You Return Them. Fact or Fiction?


It is true that it is best not to just put button batteries loose in a collection bag. But why is that, and how does adhesive tape help?

Plus and minus: too close together

Because button batteries are so flat, their positive and negative poles are very close together. If they come into contact with other batteries in the collection bag, such as a 9-volt battery or other button batteries, this can cause a short circuit.

Sticky tape to the rescue

Stick all your button batteries neatly on a strip of adhesive tape, so that one of the poles is covered with a “protective layer”. The risk of a short circuit is prevented. Generally it is always a good idea to stick a piece of tape on the top and bottom of 9V and 4.5V batteries as well. 

adhesive tape on 4,5 Volt-batterieadhesive tape on 9 Volt-batterie

Button batteries should always be stuck to a piece of tape when returning them.

Do you have a number of discarded batteries at home? Have you stuck a row of button batteries on a strip of adhesive tape? Bring them to a collection point in your neighbourhood.