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10 tips for the safe use of batteries

How to handle batteries and button cells correctly and safely?

We will give you 10 tips!

Safe handling of batteries and button cells

Everyone has batteries in all sorts of sizes in their home. But how do you handle them correctly and safely? We give 10 tips.

  1. Store batteries in a cool and dry place - ideally at room temperature.
  2. Always respect the polarity of the batteries when inserting them into a device and use a battery with the correct voltage.
  3. Store all small batteries out of sight and reach of young children. More information on button cells you can find here.
  4. When opening a pack which includes multiple button/coin cells, make sure that children cannot access the batteries which remain in the open packs.
  5. Make certain that the battery compartment of any household product is securely closed and child-resistant, and/or the product is stored out of the reach of young children.
  6. Avoid storing small batteries in pillboxes or setting them out with medication. Their shape and size make them easily mistaken for medication.
  7. When a device is no longer in use or is not used for a longer period of time, remove the batteries.
  8. Never open batteries or battery packs yourself.
  9. Choose the right battery for the right application. If you use a device a lot, consider rechargeable batteries.
  10. Regularly return your used batteries to a Bebat collection point. 

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