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How to become a Bebat participant?

It is easier than you think!

Become a Bebat participant in 3 simple steps:

Bebat uses a fully electronic subscription procedure:

  1. Submit your company data via our participants platform myBatbase 
  2. Through this platform, the signatory executes the Participation Agreement electronically 
  3. You pay an annual administrative membership fee of 60€ (VAT excl.)

What do we expect from you as a participant?


When affiliating with Bebat, you must become retroactively compliant with the take-back obligation.

In this way, Bebat wishes to avoid the discrimination of those companies who complied with the take-back obligation as from their establishment. 

Importers and manufacturers who didn’t join Bebat from day one must also submit a declaration to Bebat for the batteries or battery-operated devices they have brought onto the market in the past, unless they have already fulfilled their take-back obligation or paid the environmental tax.

This declaration pertains to all batteries brought onto the market up to 3 years prior to the date of affiliation.

Foreign participants

Belgian companies can give a foreign supplier a mandate to fulfil their take-back obligation. This can be interesting for companies that only bring small quantities of batteries or battery-operated devices onto the Belgian market.

Attention! The Belgian manufacturer/importer must fulfil the take-back obligation until the foreign supplier becomes a member of Bebat.

Internet sales / proxy

Foreign companies that sell batteries or battery-operated devices to private citizens are also subject to the take-back obligation and can also become a member of Bebat to meet this obligation.