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Hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular. The EV battery market is growing exponentially, resulting in an soaring demand for second-life applications and recycling solutions. Bebat has been specialising in batteries for electric vehicles for several years and is now looking to share the acquired knowledge with car, bus and truck manufacturers and importers.

Bebat has more than 20 years of experience in the collection, sorting and recycling of all kinds of spent batteries.

In-house experience and expertise

Just like small household batteries, EV batteries do not have an indefinite life span and they do require quite a bit of additional technical knowledge. Over the last five years we have collected more than 10,000 EV batteries and had them recycled by the top recyclers in Belgium and Europe. 

In other words, Bebat is intimately familiar with the specific demands of this sector and has significant in-house expertise:

In addition, we have a network of specialised partners for second-life solutions and in the near future we will boast our own diagnostics centre.

Your tailor-made solution

As every situation is unique, Bebat proposes a tailor-made solution for every manufacturer or importer.


In other words, Bebat always offers a solution tailored to your needs. Make an appointment with one of our specialists on emobility@bebat.be or call + 32 (0)16 76 88 11.