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Below you will find an overview of the current contributions.

Current contributions valid from 01.01.2018

Every Bebat member pays an annual flat rate contribution of €60 (VAT excl.). In addition, you are also charged an environmental contribution or an administrative contribution per portable or industrial battery or accumulator put onto the market. For retroactive declarations, the applicable environmental or administrative contribution is the one that was valid when the battery or the battery-operated device was brought onto the market.

As of 01.01.2018, Bebat  introduced variable contributions. This means the contribution vary according to the battery’s chemical family and weight. You will find more information below. 

What changed on January 1st 2018?

The law requires the environmental contribution to be differentiated for all types of batteries. However, in the interest of Bebat participants and of the retail sector Bebat appealed to the 3 regional administrations in favour of striking a balance between differentiation of contributions and administrative simplicity. As a result, only the environmental contributions for rechargeable lithium batteries are to be differentiated.

The administrative contribution for large batteries with a weight of > 20 kg (except for lead acid batteries > 3 kg) will not include the cost of collection, pick-up, sorting, processing and recycling.

The differentiated contributions are applicable as of 01/01/2018  to sales between all professionals (manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers). For sales to consumers, the new contributions will take effect on 01/04/2018 at the latest. This gives professionals who sell to consumers 3 months to deplete their stocks. 

Here you will find an overview of the differentiated contributions valid from 01.01.2018: 

Questions about differentiated contributions

Here you will find an overview of our frequently asked questions.

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